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The #1 question I get when customers and clients see Empath's Shield is, "What's an empath?" This is a great question and even though I am empathic, this is something that I spent a lot of time researching and learning about in the last year, which led me to creating this aromatic tool for energy protection. Empaths are labeled as highly sensitive people. They have the ability to tune in with the energy around them, they sometimes find they need time alone to decompress after spending a lot of time with others or in large groups and some may have the ability to connect with the unseen energies around them. I believe everyone is intuitive and that everything and everyone is made of energy. Some of us may have been able to tap into that energetic knowing and intuition at an early age or possibly as an adult and as a result have not yet learned how to strengthen their energetic boundaries. Having the tools to create healthy energetic boundaries can sometimes be difficult for an empath since they can feel so deeply, want so much to be available to others and sometimes have a hard time saying no. I am reminded of the image of the Queen of Cups from the Smith Rider Waite tarot and how she stares at a beautifully ornate chalice filled with water. The idea of filling your own cup first has never resonated as deeply. As an empath, it can feel wonderful to be so energetically and spiritually available to friends, family and clients, but always remember to fill your cup first.

Empath's Shield is an aromatic ritual spray infused with reiki energy and created with empaths in mind. It can also be a wonderful tool for anyone that feels connected to this work. I find that those who have a water sign in their astrological charts can benefit greatly as water signs are viewed as highly intuitive. Empath's Shield is blended with essential oils of Sage, Rosemary, Cedarwood, Lavender and Lemon which were chosen for their therapeutically purifying, strengthening and cleansing capabilities. The intention of Empath's Shield is to use the aromatic spray as a physical act to draw your boundary either before or after you encounter the energy of others. You can spray it all around your body and in your home ( please be mindful of those who are pregnant and young children as the essential oil Sage is high in methyl salicylate). Creating a mantra for yourself as you use Empath's Shield is highly encouraged. I like to say out loud or in my mind, " I release any energy that is not mine." The act and the mantra can be as detailed or as simple as you like, after all this is your ritual.

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